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Jazz Club - Combo Tacoma (1hr)

This is a weekly Jazz Club - Combo lead by Kareem Kandi at Ted Brown Music in Tacoma. Students will be rehearsed and instructed by some of the best Jazz musicians in the Northwest. Students learn basic song forms like blues and rhythm changes as well as standard songs of the Jazz idiom. They learn how to perform and interact in a small group setting, how to improve their reading and improvisational skills. The monthly fee covers the weekly rehearsals, but also includes full membership at JazzClubsNW, so that students can hear a variety of professional groups performing, free of charge.

More Details:
Instructor/Mentor: Kareem Kandi
A native of the Pacific Northwest, saxophonist Kareem Kandi is a performer, composer, and educator, in high demand for his talents both on and off the stage. Kareem is a versatile musician with strong roots in the traditions of Jazz, Blues, and Funk, and has been performing on the scene for years, gaining attention from critics and audiences alike. While staying true to musical styles of the past, he also keeps an eye towards the future by composing original music as well as new arrangements of timeless songs from the great American songbook.

Class Dates: 9/29/2015 thru no end date
Class Time: 7:30 PM 8:30 PM
Venue: Tacoma
Location: Ted Brown Music 6228 Tacoma Mall Blvd, Tacoma WA 98409

Cost: $ 60.00 Monthly
Financial Assistance Available: yes

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Class requires a minimum of 7 registered students.

Jazz Club - Combo North Bend

We bring students interested in learning and performing Jazz in a small group setting together with a Mentor Jazz Professional. Groups meet on a weekly basis and work with a mentor for 8 to 12 weeks depending on scheduling. Mentors rotate among different groups depending on geography, to keep the curriculum and repertoire fun and challenging. These small groups prepare for and give performances with their mentor. This is a recurring monthly commitment. At JazzClubsNW we are honored to have a great team of Jazz musicians working with our student groups. These mentors work with student groups on a weekly basis helping them learn about Jazz and performing with them. Musicians are added often as new student groups form, and they also rotate from group to group offering a chance for more students to work with and perform with each professional. This list changes often based upon the availability of these professionals and their busy schedules.

More Details:
Instructor/Mentor: Assigned
Jazz Combo's are matched with Mentor Jazz musicians who rotate based upon development of the group. You will be contacted as a group when matched.

If you sign up for this class, we will contact you and work with you on finding a good fit.

Class Dates: ongoing thru no end date
Class Time: combo times vary
Venue: North Bend
Location: North Bend

Cost: $ 125.00 Monthly
Financial Assistance Available: yes

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Class requires a minimum of 7 registered students.


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